NPS Building Use Procedures

The Newaygo Public School system encourages outside groups to use NPS facilities provided the groups abide by all relevant NPS policies, rules and regulations; do not conflict with any NPS educational and/or school sponsored activity; do not promote illegal conduct, hatred, or violence; and do not interfere with instructional time.  

Any group or organization that wants to use NPS facilities should be aware that custodial and cleaning services for NPS are contracted with West Michigan Janitorial (WMJ) services. Therefore, any additional cleaning or maintenance costs incurred in the use of NPS facilities by an outside group will need to be covered by the group using the facility. 

PDF DocumentPolicy 7510 - Use of School Facilities

PDF DocumentPolicy 7510 - Use of School Facilities Administrative Guidelines

PDF DocumentFacilities Use Categories

PDF DocumentBuilding Use Rate Sheet

Procedure for use of NPS facilities:
1.  Download and read all four documents above.
2.  Download and fill out PDF DocumentBuilding Use Request
3.  Print and sign the form and return to Building Principal/Secretary.

Contact Christina Wetherell, Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent.
phone 231.652.6984, ext. 8569

Notification of Building Use Request Approval typically happens within 5 business days.