Newaygo High School

A place where we strive to make bad days good & good days great!

Welcome to Newaygo High School where our entire school community is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence.  NHS students are motivated, enthusiastic and are provided with opportunities for success that include a wide array of academic and co-curricular activities.  Newaygo teachers challenge students through a strong knowledge-based curriculum and utilize a wide spectrum of teaching strategies for a variety of learning styles.  Parents and community members continually support Newaygo High School's academics, co-curricular and athletic programs.

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January 28
In 25 Words-Or Death; A Mystery Comedy in Three Acts
3:00 PM
Newaygo High School
In 25 Words-Or Death; A Mystery Comedy in Three Acts
Jan 28
3:00 PM to 5:30 PM
Newaygo High School
$5.00/adult; $3.00/student
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This play has everything- the supposedly deserted inn, stormy weather, a Peter Lorre type, a Frankenstein, closets with built-in bodies, a love story, and an assortment of characters the likes of whom you've never seen. The assembled group are the winners of a contest, "I like Foam-X because.. In 25 Words or Less." The prize they all won is an old fashioned Thanksgiving in New England. When the contest winners realize that the Lodge is inhabited by an altogether different group, whose interests are far more sinister than merely enjoying a pleasant weekend, everything breaks loose, and turns the prize into an hilarious nightmare.

January 29
Late Start
Late Start
Jan 29
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February 5
Late Start
Late Start
Feb 5
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February 12
Late Start
Late Start
Feb 12
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February 16
Winter Break - No School
Winter Break - No School
Feb 16
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200 East Street, P.O. Box 820
Newaygo, MI 49337
Phone: 231.652.1646
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Kim Miedema
Special Education Secretary
231.652.1646 x8591
Brad Reyburn
231.652.1646 x8599
Sarah Rodriguez
Assistant Principal
231.652.1646 x8592
Peggy Boyd
231.652.1646 x8596
Laurie Gracik
231.652.3790 x8593
Lyn Shoemaker
231.652.1646 x8582
Scott Van Essen
Athletic Director
231.652.1646 x8560

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7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

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