Newaygo Public Schools Transportation

Welcome to the NPS Transportation webpage.  Here at NPS, we have a fleet of buses that travel over 200,000 miles per year on 20 different regular routes.  We are proud of our safety record and are committed to getting NPS students to and from school in a safe manner.

Due to the volume of miles traveled and the number of students served, the following guidelines must be followed.

Your child may be picked up at one location and dropped off at another, but it needs to be consistent each way.

We do not allow students to ride to another student's home.

Students who live in the City of Newaygo may board a transfer bus at the nearest school building and ride to their school.

If a child needs a permanent change in pickup or drop-off location, please call Brandon Schultz at (231) 652-1112.

Public Service Announcement - Posted August 12, 2021



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