NPS Fundraising Procedures

Newaygo Public Schools recognizes that student groups, teams, and organizations wish to raise funds.  Any group that desires to run a fundraiser must have prior approval from both the building principal and the school superintendent.

Approved Fundraiser List for NPS 2019-2020

Organization Fundraiser

Date Begins  

Date Ends  

Volleyball Program Get Pledges for Serves 06.06.19 06.06.19
Football Program Golf Outing at Village Green           08.24.19 08.24.19
Cross Country Program Biggby Card sales 08.13.19 09.03.19
Newaygo Bands Sale - Cookie Dough & Popcorn 09.13.19 10.31.19
Middle School PBIS "Class of" Shirt Sales  09.16.19 09.25.19
Elementary School   Fall Catalog Fundraiser 09.23.19 10.07.19
Middle School PBIS Middle School Dance 10.11.19 10.11.19
Middle School PBIS & Mackinac Trip Candle Sale 11.04.19 11.15.19
Elementary School Wesco Popcorn Bucket Sale 11.01.19 12.19.19
Elementary School Santa Secret Shop 12.10.19 12.12.19
Newaygo Bands Sale - Meat, cheese, pizza, etc. 01.21.20 02.03.20
Student Council/PBIS Math/Read-A-Thon 03.09.20 03.24.20