NPS Fundraising Procedures

Newaygo Public Schools recognizes that student groups, teams, and organizations wish to raise funds.  Any group that desires to run a fundraiser must have prior approval from both the building principal and the school superintendent.

Approved Fundraiser List for NPS 2020-2021

Organization Fundraiser

Date Begins 

Date Ends  

Newaygo Football Golf Outing at Village Green 08.22.20 08.22.20
Art Department Senior Parking Spots 08.28.20 08.30.20
Newaygo Bands                                Sale - Cookie Dough & Popcorn           09.15.20 09.29.20
Newaygo Elementary Boosters Fall Catalog Sale 09.21.20 10.05.20
Newaygo Elementary Boosters School Carnival 03.19.21 03.19.21