Elementary School Fundraisers - 2019-2020

Box Tops for Education
Clip box tops from participating items and turn them into the school office.  We redeem them for cash. This program runs continuously all year.

Fall Catalog Sale
Students will bring catalogs home with items to purchase. Runs September 23 - October 7, 2019.

Wesco Popcorn Bucket Sale
Available in the Newaygo Elementary School offices. Will be sold during the months of October and November.

Santas Secret Shop
Students bring money and shop for Christmas gifts for family members. Dates TBA.

School Carnival
Carnival games, "Pie the Principal" and other fun things. Annual event will be in March, 2020 at the Middle School.

Easter Candy Sale
Students sell candy and other assorted items. Dates TBA.

Walk for the 'Fund' of It
Held in the spring, this event is for elementary students to collect pledges and do laps on the track to promote movement and exercise as well as raise funds.




Fundraising Q & A

Q:  Why fundraising?
A:  There are many student and teacher needs that are not covered by the general fund. Some of the "extras" include field trips, bussing for field trips, Scholastic News for classrooms, etc.

Q:  What does the PTO do?
A:  Newaygo no longer has a PTO (formerly Newaygo Jr. Lions PTO). It has been a challenge to get consistent PTO leadership with the busy schedules that families maintain. Therefore, fundraising has moved "in house."

Q:  Who is in charge of this fundraising then?
A:  Teachers and administrators at the elementary buildings have taken over the management of these fundraisers.

Q:  What can I do to help?
A:  Support our teachers when asked to volunteer for something and help your child with these fundraisers so they are successful!