A link to the school calendar for 2019-2020 can be found below right.

Q.  What process is used to determine the school calendar?
A.  NPS administration works collaboratively with teachers during the negotiations process to formulate a school calendar.

Q:  Why does school begin before Labor Day?
A:  All Newaygo County schools begin before Labor Day. We are required to have a common county calendar with regard to first day of school, Christmas break, and Spring break.

Q:  Why does the school do Late Starts?
A:  NPS, along with several other districts have Late Starts so that all staff can meet in PLC's. A FAQ about PLC's was developed about a year ago and can be found on the district website here Curriculum --> PLC.

Q:  I have heard some people like the Late Starts and some people dislike the Late Starts. What process was used to consider opinions?
A:  The district made a survey available electronically via social media and the district webpage in the spring of 2017 to gather input from parents. The results were mixed. When asked to respond to the following statement" "It would be acceptable with me for the Monday Late Start concept to be continued for the 2017-2018 school year," the results were:
46.3 % Strongly Agree or Agree
42.6 % Strongly Disagree or Disagree
11.1 % No opinion

Q.  What if I have more questions?
A.  Please contact Superinendent Peg Mathis at 231-652-4933.