Newaygo Public Schools

Educational Advancement Foundation (NPSEAF)

A Foundation for Educational Excellence


In 1990, the Newaygo Public Schools Board of Education authorized the formation of the Newaygo Public Schools Educational Advancement Foundation (NPSEAF),  The purpose of the Foundation is to provide additional educational opportunities for students of the Newaygo Public School District.

Funding of Foundation

No tax dollars are used to support the activities of the Foundation.  Funding is provided by individual contributions and estate planning.  One hundred nine (109) Charter Lifetime Members, contributing $100.00 each, provided initial funding of the Foundation.

An appointed Board of Trustees oversees the NPSEAF by providing sound management, making grant awards and supporting innovative education efforts.

Persons contributing to the Foundation may 'earmark' their contributions to advance or help support special academic projects. (i.e., grade level projects, fine arts projects, etc.).

Foundation monies go directly to the benefit of Newaygo Public Schools' students.  NO Foundation monies support teacher salaries.

Grant Awards

Micro Grants for K-12 Teachers which support special projects and materials resulting in greater student achievement.

Scholarships for graduating Newaygo High School Students

This scholarship is to help advance the students' education experiences through further vocational educational training, community college, or university programs.

Financial Management

The NPSEAF is committed to careful, conscientious financial management of monies established to the Foundation by individuals and estate contributions. The following have been established to maintain that commitment.

State of Michigan Tax Exempt Charitable Organization statue
State of Michigan Solicitor License
State of Michigan Charitable Trust Organization Approval
Charter has been filed with State of Michigan
Annual audit of Financial activity completed and on file for the public review

How to Contribute

People interested in contributing to the NPSEAF may do so either through an individual contribution or through estate planning.  A copy of the purposes and mission of this Foundation has been distributed to the Newaygo County Bar Association.

For further information, please contact:

Newaygo Public Schools
Educational Advancement Foundation
360 South Mill Street, P.O. Box 820
Newaygo, MI 49337
(231) 652.6984



NPSEAF Members


Greg Myers, President
Mary Reese-Pumford, Vice President
Cindy Blamer, Treasurer
Les Salacina, Secretary


Bob Clark
Edward T. Grodus
Mike Hummel
Peg Mathis
Kathy Teverbaugh

Founding Member
Ralph Burde (1949-2012)

Ex Officio Member

Velma Matson (1910-2015)