Pediculosis (Head Lice)

There seem to be some misconceptions about head lice, the origin, treatments, etc. Please refer to the following documents to get the facts.

PDF DocumentFAQ School Health Services/School Nursing
Source:  Michigan Department of Education

PDF DocumentMichigan Head Lice Manual
This document includes a section on "Myths and Facts."
Sources:  Michigan Department of Education, Michigan Department of Community Health

Things to Know:

  • Jen Stephens, NPS School Nurse, works with students and parents/guardians whom we have discovered evidence of head lice at our school(s).

  • Our procedure is typically as follows:
    1.)  When a student is discovered to have nits or lice, the school nurse makes contact with the parent.
    2.)  The parent is given the option to come and pick up the student or have them remain in school until the end of the day. In a majority of cases, the parents have come to pick up the student. The parent is educated on how/when to treat the condition with their child and in their home that very same day.
    3.)  The child returns the next day and is verified by the school nurse to have been treated.

  • Parents/guardians must take great care and be thorough in order to eradicate lice and nits from their child's head. This may mean complete treatment, combing of hair, and removal of items in bedroom, etc., for multiple days in a row.

  • Envirosafe, our pest management company, has given us some product to use in children's hair to get rid of lice. Ask Ms. Stephens about it.




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