Middle School Fundraising

Now a Mackinaw Island fundraiser!?!  When does it end?!?

Most parents and families are DONE with fundraisers.  They seem to be piled on at the beginning of every school year, and it does not stop there.  Fundraisers continue to trickle in throughout the year.  BUT…. what if I told you that there is a Mackinaw Island fundraiser that won’t cost you anything?  Would you be interested?

Some of you have heard of Scrip Fundraising.  Scrip is not a fundraiser that requires you to buy anything extra.  Scrip is a fundraiser that donates a % of money to your school from gift cards you purchase for things you already buy!  This fundraising money will go towards your child’s 8th grade Mackinac Island trip.  Here is how it works…

With Scrip, you purchase gift cards ahead of time.  Throughout the month, instead of paying cash, or swiping your card, you would just use your gift card.  Some of the gift cards are reloadable, and some gift cards you can instantly request.

Do you shop at Plumb’s once a month?  How about McDonalds?  Do you ever go to Walmart?  Or Wesco, or Shopko, or Pizza Hut? Keep track of how much you spend at each location each month.  Maybe you spend around $200 at Wesco, and $100 at Walmart, and $25 at Subway.

To be clear, you pay $100 for a $100 Walmart gift card.  Because you purchased the Walmart card ahead of time, through Scrip, Walmart donates money to the school.  You don’t pay anything extra!

If you budget ahead of time you can purchase the gift cards, and then you use your gift cards like money throughout the month.  In doing so, there is no need to do any fundraising!  Buying the cards ahead of time is the fundraising!

Time to get started!! There are information packets at Newaygo Middle School that can be picked up at your convenience.  This information packet will tell you more about Scrip, introduce you to the ShopwithScrip.com website, and help you set up an account for your child. 

Questions?  Contact Ms. Kara Johnston, Teacher, at kjohnston@newaygo.net