Entrepreneurial and Technology Club (E.T. Club)

Established in 2015, the E.T. Club had goals that consisted of the following:
Raise funds to create an active community center in the Middle School for learning, study, and technology.
Immerse students in business and technology.
Encourage students to come and use the library after school.
Provide access to digital devices and the internet.
Provide a positive and career and college-oriented culture.

Additionally, E.T. Club Members will:
Think critically.
Plan and create a Cyber Cafe in the NMS library.
Build a career-focused and college-going culture in our district.
Gain exposure to a college-going culture and learn job skills.
Create a sense of community and transform the library into a user-friendly space.
Ensure the library stays viable.
Immerse themselves in business and technology skills.
Maximize the social and interactive nature of the physical library space.
Preserve the book experience.

Want to know more?  Please click below for a complete slide show.
PDF DocumentSlide Show E.T. Club Presentation

PDF DocumentE.T. Cyber Cafe September and October Schedule

Our next fundraiser is September 10-20, 2018.



Consider becoming a donor!
Top Level Sponsor:  $5,000+ Acknowledged as the official E.T. Cyber Cafe Sponsor on all E.T. Cyber Cafe signage, sponsor wall, and on printed promotional material.
Doctorate Sponsorship: $2,000 Acknowledged as a sponsor on E.T. Cyber Cafe furniture, sponsor wall and on printed promotional material.
Master’s Sponsorship: $1,000 Acknowledged as a sponsor on an E.T. Cyber Cafe electronic, sponsor wall, and on printed promotional material.
Bachelor’s Sponsorship:  $500 Acknowledged on sponsor wall and on printed promotional material.
Associate Sponsorship:  $250 Acknowledged on printed promotional material.

Scholarships, Donations, and Grants are Used for:
Cafe Equipment
Food and Drink Inventory
E.T. Club Student Professional Development in Business and Technology
E.T. Club Job Skill Field Trips
Learning Apps
Cafe Equipment
College Decor