PBIS Committees

PBIS Committee Chair - Judy Bender
PBIS Executive Committee Members:  Donna Grodus, Cheri Spoelma, Erica Boyd, Theresa Westcott and Lynda Mercer

PBIS Sub-Committees
Share upcoming events via bulletin boards, facebook, district newsletter, Times Indicator, App for Students

  • Donna Grodus                                 
  • Scott Youmans     
  • Joe Barrette          
  • Tom Horling          
  • Cassie Westgate  
  • Luke Francis     

Review SWIS reports, analyze, make recommendations.  Ensure share outs of data are being accomplished.

  • Cheri Spoelma
  • Alexis Mercer
  • Jennifer Grugett
  • Matt Goebel
  • Brad Reyburn -Principal

Implement and monitor rewards program for students recognized as meeting our behavioral expectations:  Be Safe Be Responsible Be Respectful

  • Erica Boyd        
  • Nate Thomasma         
  • Gena Dietz        
  • Cherie Eaton               
  • Jennifer Hurrle             

Support the Incentives sub-committee rewards program through fundraising such as,  staff jean Friday’s, glow dance and sales, hat days, etc.

  • Theresa Westcott         
  • Bethanie du Chemin
  • Brody Milner
  • Katie Baynes    
  • Madeline Roman

Evaluate the effectiveness of programs, support staff awareness and utilization of interventions and guide addition of additional interventions, as needed.

  • Lynda Mercer-Counselor   
  • Holly Bowman
  • Joanne Crabb
  • Nancy Johnson
  • Sarah Rodriguez-Assistant Principal
  • Tabatha Lathrop-Academic Interventionist