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Newaygo Public Schools has a valuable partnership with Muskegon Community College. NHS students take classes at MCC in either the Early College of Newaygo County program or the Dual Enrollment program. Due to this outstanding partnership our students are able to take college classes at the MCC "in-district" tuition rate even though they reside in Newaygo County.

In partnership with NCRESA, this program allows students to earn both a High School diploma and an associate's degree with one additional year of high school. In addition to high school classes, students begin taking college classes in the fall of their 11th grade year. Students take college and high school classes for three years (11th grade, 12th grade, & one additional year) and are eligible to receive both a diploma and associate's degree after completion of all requirements. This program is competitive and students must be accepted into the program to participate.

External LinkMCC Early College Information

Dual enrollment is available for qualified students who wish to take college classes while in high school and have exhausted the general curriculum available at NHS. 

External LinkMCC Dual Enrollment Information
External LinkMichigan Dept. of Education Dual Enrollment Information




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